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'My Three Sons' then and now: What the cast is up to today

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My Three Sons (TV Series 1960–1972)

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Cole: I completely agreed with Don.

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  • Worse, many killings of whales — accidental or not, by fishing vessels or other watercraft — are not reported.

  • The girl had said she was given alcohol and sleeping pills mixed in tea and soda and the man tried to assault her, but she awoke and fought off Calloway.

Cole: When we were filming, we were supposed to show how this couple falls in love.

  • After a couple of operations, he fell into a long bout of severe depression, which resulted in a complete absence of physical affection.

  • The plot centers on Lord Douglas's arrival in Los Angeles from the family's native Scotland, in search of a bride to take back to Scotland with him.

  • I've never wanted to be family of a perfect stranger.