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For her performance in the series, she received critical acclaim and earned nominations for the and the.

  • Portraits of Amy in strange makeup and arresting poses complete the package.

  • His documentation of his time spent on Franz Josef Land, an uninhabited archipelago located roughly 800 miles north of the Artic Circle, is particularly breathtaking.

  • After spending some time apart, they've reunited in the modern-day to save the planet and people that they've nurtured from a threat that even the Avengers couldn't stop.

He also unselfishly sends back pretty dispatches from , making him a really awesome A-lister to virtually travel with.

  • Elon Musk was quick to respond, as his tweets are often seen to impact token movements.

  • In between expressing her aesthetic and being a , Smith peppers her extraordinary feed with some ordinary reminders that she's still a 14-year-old kid who loves to hang out and when she's not.

  • Interpretations of bootylicious celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj and Beyoncé, meanwhile, include balloons attached to the skinny teen's backside.