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Italian Horror Movies: Giallo Films and Other Disturbing Cinema from Italy

Chaos ensues as Jesse desperately tries to control the uncontrollable demon.

  • The Hunger takes the blood and sex metaphor that runs through every vampire story to the highest level when beautiful vampire Miriam Deneuve starts looking for a new lover after her husband John Bowie begins to rapidly age.

  • Over time and maturity, we can now overlook the nudity to see the films intriguing and clever story.

  • While out boating, the student witnesses the murder of a young girl.

Dawn is introduced to Tobey, who she instantly becomes attracted to.

  • For the most part, we are bombarded by films that use nudity and blood as a backdrop for a poorly strung-together storyline, and in many ways, as bait that brings the audience into the theater.

  • The films only saving grace is the ghastly gore special effects and the huge amount of nudity.

  • Strip Nude for Your Killer is a classic giallo film from the 1970s.