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Surviving A Berlin Sex Party

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The inside of Berghain (and its darkrooms). Still sure you want to get in?

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Plan to shut Berlin′s infamous nightclub Berghain sparks outcry

Sex berghain berlin Surviving A

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Sex berghain berlin The inside

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If what you're after is a downright place to get as dirty in a club as possible while listening to beat that match this one is for you - just don't expect to get in, it's complete luck! Learn how to say how many of you there are in German.

  • If they don't like it, they won't do it.

  • Speak German with the bouncer, if possible.

  • In the 1980s the industrial, futuristic beats of techno were born in.

Through anecdotal experiences, I do not aim to reveal any truths or dispel notorious myths about Berghain, but rather to shed light on a clubbing phenomenon that has proliferated in Berlin over the last decade.

  • Dark, trippy and minimal, with speakers so heavy they make your stomach bleed, the world-famous sound system is for neither the drunk nor sober.

  • Looking fresh, clean, or particularly put together in any way is typically a sure-fire way to get sent walking.

  • The bouncers can be harsh and I don't deny that they are extremely rude for no reason to people who in my opinion absolutely deserve to get in.